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Who We Are

Anamarie Melo and Isabel Rovira are the co-founders of Urban Health Solutions (UHS) and its non-profit, arm, Urban Health Partnerships (UHP). Anamarie and Isabel share a passion for public health and a vision for making tangible changes through Urban Health’s work. 

Anamarie Melo

For 15 years, Anamarie has enjoyed applying her knowledge and training in epidemiology to identify and address root causes of health and social disparities. 

Prior to establishing Urban Health, Anamarie focused on international public health monitoring and evaluation and maternal and child health, field, participatory, and pedestrian safety research, and sports and emergency medicine. Anamarie served as UHP’ CEO & Executive Director 2011-2016 & CEO until Jan. 2019.

Anamarie is currently an active member of UHP’ Board of Directors, Live Healthy Little Havana Board of Directors, Founding Member of the Miami-Dade Age-Friendly Initiative, WalkSafe Ambassador, and President of the MidBeach Neighborhood Association.

Isabel Rovira

Since completing her graduate degree in public health over a decade ago, Isabel has focused on organizational development and supporting healthy, age-friendly communities. 

Prior to establishing Urban Health, Isabel worked with Center for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, the WalkSafe Program at the University of Miami, and with the Society of Lapareondoscopic Surgeons, an international medical society. Isabel has served as UHP’ COO 2011-present.

Isabel is currently an active member of the Consortium for a Healthier Miami-Dade’s Elder Issues and Health & Built Environment Committees, United Way’s Older Adult Advocacy Taskforce, and Trust for America’s Health Age-Friendly Public Health System Advisory Committee.

Together, Isabel and Anamarie bring over 30 years of experience working with non-profits, community organizations, universities, medical societies, and government agencies. They have served their community in leadership positions while actively securing more than 40 million dollars in funding for South Florida public health initiatives.